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Let’s discover all the faces of the Amazon. Its forests and jungles, its towns and people, its birds and butterflies and more.

What experience can I have in Tarapoto?

If you are looking to get away from stress, routine and feel in contact with the nature, you have an option in Trapoto, a city tour in the morning or a city night to let yourself be surrounded by the nightlife, days of relax, with a lot of adventure and fun, or choose our tourist packages of more than a day.

Get to know the peaceful Blue Lagoon, the historic Altomayo Valley, the awesome Lamas Castle, the refreshing Ahuashillacu and Huacamayllo waterfalls, among other beautiful natural places.

With Perudestino you will enjoy everything that Tarapoto can offer you, if you are ready and with all the attitude to start an unforgettable journey.

Tarapoto is in the department of San Martin, is the gate to the Peruvian Amazon, currently it is one of the most visited regions thanks to its charm, its gastronomy and the exuberant natural landscapes, refreshing waterfalls, lush forests, green mountains and rich valleys, besides coffee and organic cocoa industry, recognized worldwide for its flavor and quality.

Also get to know the animals in their natural habitat, their majestic biodiversity and their medicinal plants.

It also has excellent places to practice adventure sports such as canopy, trekking, mountain biking, motorboating and rappelling, or you can also opt for a romantic or family moment in an exclusive resort or in a peaceful ecolodge.

Alto Mayo

Get to know the exuberance of the Alto Mayo jungle, where the first city in the Amazon founded by the Spanish in 1540 is also located, be surprised by crystal clear springs and enjoy the Alto Mayo Valley, land of the best organic coffee.


You ca see the flora and fauna of biodiversity in the Cerro Escalera regional conservation area, learn the secrets of the master plants, get the top of the mountain, feel the experience of the Amazonian sunrise, energize yourself with the soul of the nature.

Laguna Azul

Sail through the mysterious waters of the Blue Lagoon, while enjoying fantastic Amazonian stories, enjoy yourself with the medicinal muds or the sulfur water baths.

City by Night in Tarapoto

If party life is for you, this tour will take you to the best POINTS OF TARAPOTO. Fun is guaranteed, we take care of that.


Know all the colorfull and ancestral culture full of mysteries and customs, and be impressed by style with the only medieval castle in the Peruvian Amazon.

Tarapoto Tours

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