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Ancient history and settlement.

Come and discover unique native species in the forests, salt flats, glaciers and dozens of other distinctive environments which make up Chile’s System of Protected Wilderness Areas! Visit them on foot, on horseback or by bike, but remember that their care and preservation is vital to the country.

In total, almost 20% of Chile’s extensive territory is currently protected. Between the ocean and the mountains, from the world’s driest desert to the Patagonian glaciers, there’s a tremendously rich variety for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to explore



Ancient history and settlement.

Camp within earshot of waterfalls and wake up to the song of countless species of birds. Walk among thousand-year old trees and observe the enormous variety of wildlife, including small Andean foxes and vizcachas(a rabbit-like species of chinchilla). The Pacific Ocean is also home to a multitude of creatures: if you’re lucky, you’ll spot dolphins, sea lions and great whales. Don’t miss Chile’s magnificent national parks and reserves!



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