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Cajamarca is considered the most important city in northern Peru. In this region was the pre-Inca culture of Cajamarca before the Inca Empire – it has important and famous places as Ventanillas de Otuzco, Cajamarca became a great administrative and relaxation center for the Inca sovereign during the Empire. In 1532 that the future of the Empire was decided, when the Inca Atahualpa was visiting the Thermal Baths known today as the Baths of the Inca, he was captured by the Spanish in Cajamarca and then executed.

Some of the tourist attractions are a few minutes from the city, to the south (30 minutes) we have Llacanora town and Granja Porcon, with its agro-tourism programs.


As well we can know Ventanillas de Otuzco, to the northeast (15 minutes) a funerary citadel made up of niches belonging to the ancient Cajamarca culture. Further on (45 minutes) are Combayo, better preserved than Otuzco. Ehe archaeological center of Cumbemayo, wich has a Chavin origin, for biodiversity lovers the Cutervo National Park with its orchids and hydrangeas and different species of fauna.

Altitude: Cajamarca: 2,720 above sea level (8,922 feet)

How to get there: By plane: daily flights from Lima, (1 hour)

By land: from Lima 870 kilometers (13 hours), from Trujillo, 295 kilometers / 183 miles (6 hours).

Accommodation: Hotels up to five stars in the city of Cajamarca. Basic accommodation in other provinces. Tourist and eco-accommodation in the rural peasant Porcon community farm.

Activities: Archaeology, eco-tourism, agrotourism, flora and fauna watching, trekking hot springs

Tourist Services: Quality restaurants throughout the city of Cajamarca. transportation services, guided tours to visit tourist attractions.

Permanence: Three to four days to visit the attractions and enjoy its pleasant climate.

Recommendations: Visitors have to acclimatize to the altitude, eat easily digestible foods and drink coca tea (mate de coca) to avoid altitude sickness.  

Did you know?

In addition, Los Baños de Inca water has minerals with many healing properties. In the city we could visit the El Cuarto de Rescate, where Atahualpa was taken prisoner and killed; also, we can find beautiful colonial architecture such as the Main Cathedral and the San Francisco church; also, you can find ancient folklore experiences. Cajamarca is known as the carnival capital because of its color, dances and popular.


When can we enjoy of the Cajamarca’s carnival?  between February and March.

is one of the most notable and anticipated festivities in the northern region of Peru. With its roots deeply embedded in the area’s history and culture, this annual event attracts visitors from across the country and abroad. Over the years, the Cajamarca Carnival has established itself as a vibrant manifestation of the region’s cultural identity, with its parades, dances, music and, of course, the traditional and colorful water painting that characterizes this celebration.


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